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2011 RDO Day -- CANCELLED!

This year's event has been cancelled, due to the flooding in the surrounding areas.  Several of us have families and friends in the local flooded areas, especially Owego and Binghamton, who need our assistance and support at this time.  We've turned our RDO materials over to another organization for use/distribution at their event.  Please check AKC's website for other nearby RDO events (AND then check the various routes to those events, as some of the roads are still closed!).

2010 Responsible Dog Owner Day

Sunday, September 19th, from 1:00pm 'til 4:00pm, FLAOA held our 2010 Responsible Dog Ownership Day at the Cornell University Livestock Pavilion.  FLAOA's mascot, "Fuzzy", was on hand to greet all of our visitors.

There were all sorts of fun things to watch and to do related to dogs and their ownership 
  • coloring books,
  • word puzzles,
  • agility demonstrations,
  • rally demonstrations,
  • a puppy kissing booth,
  • a puppy petting pen,
  • balloons,
  • face painting,
  • photo opportunities with a giant fuzzy dog,
  • training and canine health info,
  • door prizes,
  • and more. 
All of this was FREE to the public!  There was NO formal admission fee.  However, those who brought a "donation" of something that could be used by a shelter or rescue organization received an extra free door prize ticket.  Examples of such a "donation" were
  • paper towels,
  • bleach,
  • dog treats,
  • dog toys,
  • dog food,
  • even money. 
The Cortland SPCA was named the recipient of these items, and Terri Frenia generously agreed to deliver the table FULL of donations that were generously donated by a great many of our attendees, both our "worker bees" and our visitors.  Our RDO Day is one of FLAOA's community service events, and you know you're doing a good thing when even little pre-school kids arrive, carrying their bags of dog treats to be added to the donation table!  All the work that goes into this event is worthwhile when you can see the up and coming generation joining our ranks by learning about responsible dog ownership and caring enough to help homeless dogs.   

We had a lovely group of dogs belonging to members and our students who showed up to serve as beautiful examples of the fun you can have with the canine member of the family when you're a responsible dog owner.  The line-up consisted of purebreds and mixes, well-trained and ready to strut their stuff for the public.  Some of the canine stars represented...
  • Australian Cattle Dogs
  • Australian Shepherds
  • Bulldogs
  • Corgi-mix
  • Doberman-mix
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Hound-mixes
  • Miniature Dachshunds
  • Pomeranians
  • Portugese Water Dogs
  • Shetland Sheepdogs
  • Teddy Roosevelt Terriers
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • and more!
The Set-Up.  Upon arrival, visitors could browse through a plethora of information about owning dogs, from health and nutrition, to grooming and training, not to mention the mountain of stuff for kids.  AKC supplied many things for the event and made available, via download on the internet, even more.  Children went home with numerous coloring books, puzzles, and other activity sheets covering all aspects of dog ownership that we downloaded and had copied at our local copy center.  Numerous kids went home with painted faces, trailing balloons tied to themselves or their attire.  Meanwhile, rally demonstrations and agility demonstrations were being given in the next two rings. 

And at the end of the day, after everything was picked up, put away, packed into vehicles, and Cornell's Pavilion restored to its original state, ready for Monday's classes, Leo treated the worker-bees to pizza!

Below is our pictorial essay on the day...

Even UKC folks joined us for this event:

Our puppy petting pen...

Proud painted faces...

The face painter...

And some "painted" their own faces with remnants of our free M&Ms...

Miscellaneous candids...

Some more stars of the day...

Rally, anyone?

How 'bout BRACE rally, done off lead?!

And if you get tired, you can always watch an AKC video...

Wondering why this Rottweiler is so small...

After 3 hours and still not getting enrolled in AKC's Canine Partner Program, Fuzzy's had enough...

Calling it a day...

All in all, another successfully fun celebration of dogs!

Many thanks to all those who turned out to help us celebrate responsible dog ownership, from our member and student worker-bee volunteers, to our many visitors who dropped in with family and friends.  A special thanks to those who made donations to our cache of loot for the Cortland SPCA, as well as those generous local merchants and individuals who provided our door prizes -- Agway, Ithaca Grain, Tractor Supply, Kathy Wolf and Sagedust Kennel.  And, of course, our sincere gratitude goes out to AKC and its RDO supporters, both for sponsoring such events across the country and for allowing small, non-AKC affiliated clubs like FLAOA to participate! 




 Rally, Agility and Other Fun Stuff. 

All in all, a fun day for everyone!