...where the 'FL' for "Finger Lakes" could just as easily stand for "Fun Loving"

Some of our Spring 2013 Beginner Agility Dogs

And some of them tell their stories...

Clearly stars in their own right, they're all well on their way to becoming agility stars, too!

Some of our Spring 2013 Handler/Dog Teams!

Wee ones first...


And everyone else...

And sometimes those dogs talk...

So, let's see a show of hands:  Who else LOVES our great students and even better dogs?!  They're clearly ALL stars!

Fall 2010 --- A Bulldog Tries Agility

How often do you see a bulldog attempting agility?  Click the link below and watch Shana try her paw at it!  This is Shana having a good time after completing her Beginner Agility I class. 
(Oh, and ignore the handler errors, like giving Shana the wrong weave pole entry ; the important thing is the smile on the dog's face!)

Woohooo!  Way to go, Shana!
(FWIW, we discovered that literally hundreds of lady bugs had moved into the chute, probably thinking that they'd found a home for the winter; Shana, who normally loves to do the chute, thought that they were GREAT fun, as evidenced in the video!)

Some of our Winter 2010 Agility Students

FLAOA is fortunate to have some of the best students on the planet.  Here are just a few of our current agility students and their stellar dogs.  Check back after next week -- hopefully by then we'll have some more pictures up here!