...where the 'FL' for "Finger Lakes" could just as easily stand for "Fun Loving"

Club Info


Dusty Hellmann

Vice President/Treasurer

Jamie Pokerwinski




 Please contact Dusty with any questions re FLAOA.


Directions to our Training Facility

Our regular training facility is the Cornell Livestock Pavilion, located on Judd Falls Road at the corner of Tower Road on the Cornell University campus.  Directions and a map to the Pavilion are as follows:

From Dryden and points north/northeast:  Take Route 13 South to Ithaca; turn left onto Route 366 at NYSEG.  Go through Varna to Cornell, turning right onto Judd Falls Road at the flashing traffic light.  The Pavilion is on your left, just before the intersection of Tower Road.

From Whitney Point and points east:  Take Route 79 West to Ithaca.  Turn right onto Pine Tree Road; go straight through the traffic light at East Hill Plaza --- at this point, the name of the road changes to Judd Falls Road.  At the traffic light at the intersection of Route 366, turn right and take an immediate left (keeping you on Judd Falls Road).  The Pavilion is on your left, just before the intersection of Tower Road.

From Owego/Candor/Spencer and points south:  Take Route 13, 34, 96 or 96B North to Ithaca.  Turn right onto Route 79 to Cornell.  Then either follow signs to pick up Route 366, turning left onto Judd Falls Road (same as above from points east); or, go a bit further on Route 79, turning left onto Pine Tree Road (again, same as above from points east).

From Mecklenburg/Enfield and points west:  Take Route 79 East to and through Ithaca; then follow directions as above from points east.

From Trumansburg and points northwest:  Take Route 96 or 89 South, turn left onto Route 79 East through Ithaca; then follow directions as above from points east. 


Becoming a Member


Just as we don't follow the path of other dog organizations by getting hung up on lots of rules and regulations, we also do not make people jump through hoops in order to join our fun; after all, hoops, tires and the like belong on an agility course, not in the way of a good dog owner who wants to spend time in the company of other fun-loving dog owners.

Jumping through hoops is for the dogs!

To that end, gaining membership in FLAOA is relatively simple. To date, we have required prospective members to either take a class with us, or have earned a leg towards a performance title on their dog(s), and until such time as this proves to be problematic for us, it is our intent to continue to operate in this manner. Put another way, thus far, we continue to believe that having fun with us should not be based on whether someone wins a popularity contest, ergo we do not vote on membership applications. And, just as we leave the operational and administrative doldrums to our officers and board, so, too, we bag the notion of voting whether someone should be allowed to play with us; otherwise, we'd have to have meetings... and why would we do that when instead we could be playing with our dogs?

If you find after joining us that we're not your cup of tea (or bag of bones), we will be more than happy to give you a prorated rebate on your membership fee. As mentioned on our Home/About Us page, there are plenty of other dog organizations which are run in the traditional manner if that is what one wants. The rest of us are too busy herding, or running courses, or practicing our off-lead heeling, or some other activity involving our dogs, i.e., the main reason for all of us getting together, to bother with such traditional, nonsensical time entrapments.

Are you getting the idea that FLAOA is focused on fun?  If so, and knowing that we operate in a very non-traditional manner, you'd still like to join us, it's very simple: Take a class with us or earn a leg on a title, fill out the membership application, get two officers to sign off on it, submit it with the appropriate dues to the secretary, and you're in!  It's pretty straightforward -- no muss, no fuss.  Click below to get our application, and join the club that lets the dogs jump through the hoops!

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2015 Membership Application

2015 Membership Renewal

2015 Waiver-on-File