...where the 'FL' for "Finger Lakes" could just as easily stand for "Fun Loving"

Summer 2017 Class Info

Registration for obedience classes will be held at 2:00pm on Sunday, July 9th, at Sagedust Square, and will be immediately followed by our Intro Session for these classes at 2:30pm.  Registration for agility classes will be held at 4:00pm, immediately followed by an agility Intro Session at 4:30pm.   Please see the appropriate page on this site (Agility Classes or Obedience, Other Classes -- click on link at left) for full details and the appropriate forms you'll need to print, complete, and bring with you for registration.  Please note that this is a change to the registration date; all classes will be pushed forward two weeks.

FLAOA has a class for you and your dog!

FLAOA exists for members to have fun with their dogs, and to help the public train their dogs so that they, too, can enjoy the same great relationships with their dogs that we do with ours.  To that end, on a regular basis we offer a wide range of classes:
puppy classes
conformation show handling
obedience classes
rally classes
agility classes
and occasionally, herding, flyball, lure coursing, tracking, and other dog sports.

Our classes specialize both in raising great family companions from puppyhood, and in reforming canine criminals into valued and enjoyable family members.  To that end, we allow dogs "with issues" in our classes because there are very, very few dogs beyond hope and help.  We also allow children in our classes, as long as they can physically control their dogs and follow instructions, and we reserve the right to determine who will be allowed to be spectators during our class time.  Our Intro Sessions, conducted before the start of the first class of each set of classes, cover all of the details associated with these things and much more. 

For info related to specific classes, please use the drop-down menus to the left to access the appropriate pages.  We hope you and your dog will join us for some fun!