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Spring 2013 Graduation!

On Sunday, June 2nd, our spring 2013 beginner obedience class graduated.  Several were not able to attend and were missed, but those who did, did FLAOA proud!  Archer was the only graduate beginner who could attend graduation, and his instructor reported that he passed with flying colors!

Archer, heading off for his test:

Many thanks to Jean, for scoring the class; to Jamie, for totaling the score; to Tiva, for independently scoring the class and for helping to set up the small agility course for the demo; to Noreen, for taking the pics for us (with a less than sophisticated camera!); to the beginner agility class members who were able to return for an extra day to give a demo (those whose real lives prevented them from attending -- we missed you!); and to Leo, for supplying us with soda and bottled water, as usual.

Beginner Obedience class members, waiting for their turns to be tested on their heeling.
Bella, getting ready to heel, when only 7 weeks ago, she wouldn't take even one step in the sawdust!
Getting praise is a big part of it!
While the scores were being totaled, some of our beginner agility folks gave us an entertaining demo, despite the heat and humidity that Mother Nature gifted us for the day:
Some place in that tunnel is a very big white dog!
Meanwhile, some big black dogs opted to bypass the tunnel.

Seems the big black dog likes the red tunnel much better!
What happened to "pointing" at the Buja board?  Some dobes are simply show-offs!
The Cavalier, knowing full well that she'd never see a ladder on a real course, decided not to waste her time on it!
But she did a perfect teeter!
Tiva was working hard, comparing our class to those in her native New Zealand -- don't run for your glasses, folks...our only pics of her came from the backgrounds of other pictures, hence they're fuzzy.  (Sorry, Tiva!)
After everyone was tested and the scores were totaled, there were two ties -- the highest score and the second highest score, which meant that we had a run off for 1st (and ultimately 2nd) place, and for 3rd & 4th places.  Kamea and Eve had a run off for 1st and 2nd place:
Sam and Nimkii had a run off for 3rd and 4th place:
Kamea and Nimkii both won by a hair.  Kudos to all!

And, as always, the Witch of the East was working hard...

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Graduate Beginner Obedience Demo