...where the 'FL' for "Finger Lakes" could just as easily stand for "Fun Loving"

Just a note...

Check back in a day or two for the results of our Rally Team's wins at their May and June trials.  For now, enjoy the pics below; the full story will be up soon!

June Rally Trial

June saw the addition of Noreen and Lexi to our Rally Team, and they're getting ready to compete.  Additionally, Deb and Hattie have set their sights on team membership and are working on it!  Yay!  In the meantime, three of the team headed out to Bella Vista and cleaned up!

Rally Trial May 2013

Rising Rally Stars!

On March 23 & 24, 2013, five of our Rally enthusiasts and their canine companions traveled for 4 hours to the other side of Albany, near the Massachusetts border, to Trisha Stall's Sugar Bush Farm, to attend an APDT Rally Trial. 


For three of the dog/handler teams -- Dani & Serena, Alison & Lucy, and Kathy & Gypsy -- it was their first trial.  For Jamie & Sydney, who've already earned their novice title, it was their first time in the next level, working off lead, as well as an opportunity to earn some novice championship pionts.  And for Jean (their instructor) and Gunther, who have multiple rally titles, it was a chance to earn some championship points, compete in veteran's, and, more importantly, be there to support her students.



Classes were large, so the competition was stiff.  On top of that, it was very, very cold in the building, making the wait for their turns less than optimal.  Nonetheless, everyone did GREAT!  They all qualified, but even scores above 200 were not enough to earn a placement...when a team earns a 200 score and is not in the ribbons, that's competition!

Dani and Serena got a 200 score on the first day, and a 199 on the second day. 

Miss Serena, a princess her entire life, had a tough time coping with the cold.

Kathy and Gypsy took a blue ribbon with a score of 207, and scored a 195 on the second day.


Jean and Gunther, with a score of 205, were not in the ribbons in their class, if you can believe!


Alison and Lucy, with a score of 204, took fourth place on the first day.

And on the second day, Alison and Lucy took fifth place with a 206 and won in a run-off!

Jamie and Sydney came home with multiple ribbons...

Congratulations, Ladies (two- and four-legged), and Gunther!  You did FLAOA proud, and in the ribbons or not, you're all stars in our eyes!  Not many groups can brag that their lowest score was a 195.

And congratulations, instructor Jean!


Recent CGCs!

Here are some of our recent CGC recipients!  They include a Cane Corso, an Akita, a Doberman-mix, a Cavalier Spaniel, and a Lab.  They also include an exuberant deaf puppy, a show dog, a therapy dog, a self-proclaimed princess, and a dog who's going blind.  We'll let you, the viewer, determine which dog is which, since they're all wonderful dogs in their own right, and clearly well-behaved.  Given the diversity of the group, surely your dog could do it, too!  


Kudos to all!





 April 30, 2011

Terri Frenia & "KO"

(Am/Can/UKC CH RHill's Total Knockout)


The Dachshund Club of Greater Syracuse

This was KO's first BISS.  Here's hoping it's only one of many!

Congratulations, Terri and KO!

And, as if this wasn't a big enough thrill, on the same day son Joshua was the Best Junior Handler; and the next day, Terri's longhaired doxie, Brett, was the highest scoring doxie in the Optional Titling classes AND finished his BN!  Way to go!!

February 21st, 2010 CGC Test

 On Sunday, February 21st, 2010, FLAOA held an AKC CGC test for our Winter CGC class.  Eight students were tested, and all eight passed!  WOOOHOOOO!

The Sturman Family:  Kelly, Amelia, Caleb, and Mike, with their dogs, Garth, Brooke, Jolene, and Shannon, respectively.


Catherine Webber and her dog, Biscuit.

Vet student, Karla Stucker and her dog, Clover.


Jacquelyn Clinton and her dog, Cassie.

Larry Fresinski and his boxer, Story.

Earlier Members' Brags!

On Saturday, February 6th, and Sunday, February 7th, 2010, a few FLAOA members competed at DOTCORNY's obedience and rally trials.  We'll post pics and news as it comes in, but know this:  It may be February, in the middle of upstate New York's frigid winter, and the trial may have been held in NY's infamous snow belt, but our FLAOA'ers are


 Terri Frenia and her doxie, Brett, as well as her pomeranian, Zuko, competed both days.  On Saturday, she and Brett got their 2nd leg of their CD with a fourth place!  To make the day even more special, she and Zuko earned his RN!  On Sunday, Zuko moved up to the advanced class, and in his first time out, earned his first RA leg AND took first place!!!  Way to go, Terri and boys!

 Melanie Soberon and her golden retriever, Ben, competed on Saturday. 


This was their first trial ever, and they now have a very tall order ahead of them if they are to maintain the record that they've set for themselves...they took first place in Novice A obedience with a score of 194.5, AND they took first place in novice rally with a perfect 100 score! 

Click here if you'd like to watch a video of their rally performance:




 (I left the sound on the video, so you can hear little Nando cheering for his mom at the end of their performance.) 


And, a little bird told me that on Sunday Bill Hansen and his German Shepherd Dog, Merlin, got their second leg on their Novice B title AND took Third Place!!!



Way to go, folks!